• D1.5 Final activity report
  • D4.2 Quantum simulator of open system physics
  • D4.3 Upgraded photodetector


  • D1.4 Mid-term activity report
  • D2.1 Blueprints and techniques to obtain JJ and/or grAl superinductors with improved coherence and tunable nonlinearity
  • D2.2 Process for patterning high-quality superinductors on suspended membranes
  • D3.2 Quantum coherences in the USC regime
  • D3.3 Dynamical techniques in the USC regime
  • D3.4 Anharmonic qubit for USC studies
  • D4.1 Prototype photodetector


  • D1.1 Project Management and Quality Guidelines
  • D1.2 Consortium Agreement
  • D1.3 Communication Plan
  • D3.1 Circuit schematic USC readout